Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washington DC: A two-party town

While the winner-take-all voting system helps perpetuate two large political parties that are far too similar, there is one area where the two party system works in the Green Party's favor.

That is our nations capital, Washington DC. The city government is dominated by Democrats, with Green Party members serving on several neighborhood advisory councils.

Greens in DC support full democratic representation in Congress.

"Self-Determination and Statehood - Our party's central goal and the condition upon which all other achievements must be made. Total and permanent control over our own government is an essential right."

Greens stand for democracy in our nations capital. It is not acceptable that the population of DC live disenfranchised by our national government.

Greens stand for citizen empowerment and citizen control over government. Shouldn't DC citizens have a voting voice in Congress?

Daryl Northrop 

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