Monday, February 1, 2010

Illinois elections- the Green Party is off and running!

The Green Party of Illinois is running candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor.

Rich Whitney is the Green Party candidate for Governor, and Don Crawford  is the candidate for Lt. Governor.

Rich's campaign slogan is "The Times Demand Change." Rich is a veteran Green Party campaigner, and brings a fresh voice and new ideas to the political environment in Illinois.

The two larger parties, Democrats and Republicans share many similarities, one of which is that they are both flooded with special interest money from corporations, unions, and PAC's. Simply put, they work for them, not for the people of Illinois.

Rich Whitney does not accept donations from any of these sources. Only donations by individuals are accepted by Green Party candidates, and by the party in general.

The Green Party: listening and working for citizens.

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Daryl Northrop 

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