Sunday, February 14, 2010

Green Party set to advance in Illinois!

Is Illinois about to go heavily towards the Green Party? This article in the Chicago Sun Times seems to lead in that direction.

In 2006, Green Party candidate for Governor, Rich Whitney, rec'd 10.4% of the popular vote - an indication of significant support by the Illinois electorate, and the organizing ability of the Illinois Green Party.

Per the article, voters are "not happy with the choices offered by the mainstream political establishment."

Interesting choice of words. If the voters do not like the ideas and candidates offered by the "mainstream political establishment," how "mainstream" can Democrats and Republicans claim to be?

When voters are asked about whether they support more choices at the ballot box and more parties - they invariably say that they do. Clearly, the Democrats and Republicans are not meeting the needs of American voters.

American voters have more choices at the ballot box now in Illinois with Rich Whitney running for Governor.  Speaking about important issues, and accepting the challenge of leadership is what the Green Party is about - not ducking responsibility with the same failed policies that got us into the mess we are in.

Daryl Northrop 

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