Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great meeting with the Northern Virginia Greens on 02-20! Next mtg 03-27 (tentative)

I would like to thank the Northern Virginia Greens for a very informative meeting on 02-20-10 at Oakton Libary!

Around 10 local Greens met to discuss organizing and strategy regarding activism, the Green movement, and electoral politics. A review of Green Party members holding elected office shows that currently there are 4 elected Green Party members here in Virginia.

We also discussed the current events surrounding the radical expansion of corporate political power from the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court. This ruling expands the concept of corporate personhood to include unlimited political spending.

You might be scratching your head right now and wondering "Are you saying corporations are people?"

The Supreme Court said it in the late 1800's. Then in the late 1970's, spending money was ruled by the Supreme Court to be protected political speech. Now the Supreme Court combined two branches of already twisted logic to say that corporations may now spend unlimited funds to directly influence elections.

Paul Hughes of the Northern Virginia Greens presented Sierra Club's power point presentation on the history of corporate power in America. Very informative! Sierra Club's corporate personhood page is here, and the powerpoint may be downloaded here.

The Green Party supports the rights of citizens, first and always. Corporations are not people, they should not have the rights of individuals, and they should absolutely not have political rights. Too much power is concentrated in the hands of far to few corporations.

The next meeting of the Northern Virginia Greens is scheduled tentatively for March 27th. I will announce it on my blog as soon as I hear, or you can always check the Northern Virginia Green Party website.

Not in Northern VA and want to link up with your local Green Party? GREAT! Go to the national Green Party site and you can find a link to the Greens in your area. Click here.

Daryl Northrop 

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