Monday, March 1, 2010

Green Party of PA running multiple candidates

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is running multiple candidates for office this fall! Per this post at the Houston Examiner, the GPPA will be running one US Senate, on Congressional, and four state house representative campaigns. Way to go!

The author of the article raises two very good points, in one race, a candidate needs to raise $2 million to be considered a "serious" candidate. In another race, the magic amount is $500k! These are challenging fundraising goals for even Democratic and Republican candidates, who are lavishly funded by corporate special interests.

This raises an important question: should elections be big fundraising contests, or, should they be contests of big ideas and leadership?

Greens support comprehensive campaign finance reform, so that voters can know that their candidates are fueled by real citizen support, and are not beholden to special interests. When you are choosing a candidate, ask yourself "where does their funding come from?" Does it come from individuals like yourself, or does it come from corporations, unions, or political action committee's? It matters.

The Green Party: standing up for real campaign finance reform. We practice what we preach - no funding from corporations, unions, political action committees.

Daryl Northrop

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