Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hugh Giordano running for State Rep in PA!

Hello citizens!

Spotted this great article about Hugh Giordano. He is a Green Party candidate for State Representative in the 194th district, which comprises parts of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania County, and Philadelphia County. Hugh is a union organizer, with a Masters Degree in Legal and Ethical Studies.

He's running a clean-funded campaign with no donations from special interests, just like all Green Party candidates do!

In order for him to be on the ballot, he needs your help with ballot petitioning. Interested? Go to this link for more info.

His comprehensive campaign platform includes:

We must invest in green technology -Solar, Wind, and Hydro. Besides being good for the environment it also will be a way to create jobs in the creation, installation, and up-keep of these technologies. We also must re-localize our economy which means becoming a manufacturing state once again.  I will work to get abandoned factories reopened and in use.
My priority is ensuring the basic necessities for quality education exist in every classroom: books, qualified teachers, teachers’ aides, and appropriate technology.  I want to see expanded programs in the arts, sports, leadership, etc. both during school time and after school.
Equitable funding of public schools can only be achieved by shifting funding away from local property tax toward a more progressive statewide tax such as a graduated income tax.
I believe that healthcare is a basic human right, therefore I support single-payer universal healthcare, specifically HB 1660.  Read more at:
I would like to see a graduated progressive income tax, knowing that this requires a constitutional amendment.  I am also supportive of raising certain business taxes (including the elimination of tax breaks and loopholes), particularly on large businesses and businesses that are in other ways destructive (i.e. pollute, abuse workers).  I also support a severance tax on natural gas drilling and other extractive industries.
We must radically rethink our approach to crime and prisons.  First, we should not be putting non-violent offenders in prison.  We also need to speed up the judicial process so that people are not languishing in jail for long periods of time before trials.  We should definitely be reining in the exploding prison budget and spending more on probation and rehabilitation.  However, we should also be spending money on education and seeing this as the most proactive approach to our crime problem.
Addiction is a public health issue, not a crime.  I want to see non-violent drug offenders rehabilitated.  I support the decriminalization of marijuana and want to see its sale regulated and taxed appropriately.
I believe in the right of all couples to marry whether straight or gay, which would ensure equal economic and social rights for all couples.  I support SB 935 and oppose the Defense of Marriage Act.
I’m pro-choice.  The state should have no right employ delaying tactics to pressure women into not choosing abortion.  I also believe in comprehensive sex education such as that envisioned by Planned Parenthood’s call for “REAL Sex Education.”
I believe it is EVERY workers right to form a union. I will actively go after Executives and Management that harass and threaten workers when they attempt to form a union. I will support legislation that makes CEO’s accountable for the illegal tactics of lower management.

Good luck Hugh, we will be watching your race, and helping out any way we can!

Daryl Northrop

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