Sunday, April 11, 2010

Greens helping Greens

As a soon-to-be-graduating student from the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University is to help my fellow Greens and regional Green Party's (DC/VA/MD).

In the VA area, I am working with the Northern Virginia Green Party to help them get their message out. Right now, they are more focused on issue work, as opposed to electoral, which is fine. The chapter has recently started to get more active again, and it will take a bit of time to grow membership, energy, and finances to a point where supporting candidates for local office is viable. I look forward to helping them use email, twitter, facebook, youtube, and other tech tools to help them with the strategy. Helping them get control over their message and get the message out the community and press is something I think is vital!

Over in Maryland, the U.S. Senate race to unseat Senator Mikulski is heating up! Natasha Pettigrew, a Maryland native, and law school student at University of Miami has decided that it is time for Marylander's to stand up against the two party system - she is currently meeting with local Green Party's across the state, and working to earn their ballot. Today, she was in Baltimore, meeting with the Baltimore Green Party, and she will address other party groups in the near future. Natasha's energy, drive, and respect for the citizens of Maryland will make her a great candidate, and I look forward to assisting in her campaign!

2010 will be a busy year for me and my involvement with the area's Green Party groups!

Daryl Northrop

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