Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SCOTUS: Not a friend of the voter

"Greens predict that the decision, which strikes down laws limiting the use of corporate money for campaign advertising, will have extremely damaging consequences for democratic elections and for the existence of the US as a republic. The Green Party accepts no corporate funding and advocates clean elections, free of the money and influence of corporations."

Corporations were magically made into people by the Supreme Court decades ago. Now, they have been given the right to make unlimited political expenditures. As if they did not have enough power already - from wealthy  CEO's, to corporate funded PACs, to trade associations (and their PAC's), to the 527 groups that are funded to shift public opinion to be in lock-step with major corporations.

This is why I support Move To Amend, which will end corporate personhood and its damaging effect on our political system. Corporations are not people, and do not have the right to political free speech that is reserved specifically for We The People.

Go to the site, educate yourself, sign the petition, and tell your friends!

Daryl Northrop 

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